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1300RECORD is becoming Record Retrieve. We’re moving on to greater things in the world of call recording, and Record Retrieve is the perfect place to start. It’s a simple, smart call recording service which still delivers the best in call recording technology – and more.

Welcome to Record Retrieve!

Record Retrieve offers all the great features and services of a 1300Record solution plus a few extras:

  • It’s social – check us out on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • It’s informative – all the latest industry updates can be found via our blog
  • It visits your inbox – stay tuned for monthly newsletters
  • It’s friendly – do you want to feature in a case study? Ask us how.

So what does this mean for 1300RECORD customers?

Although the 1300RECORD site will eventually cease to exist, you’ll still have access to all of your services, recordings and settings. Not a thing will change. You’ll just be logging using Record Retrieve login area and all forms of contact will be from Record Retrieve. In time, your portal will change, too.

We’ve done this because we’re interested in moving forward and progressing with our technology and our brand.

The future is bright with Record Retrieve.

Team 1300Record & Record Retrieve

P.S. check out our FAQ section on Record Retrieve to answer any burning questions we think you may have.


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